Corporate Programs

The following products and services have been developed in concert with our domestic and multinational clientele with the corporate transferee in mind. Each is supported by superior claims service worldwide and management information systems to keep our customers informed on employee and vendor activities.

In combination, these programs allow the employer and the employee to work efficiently with a single source to assure that proper protection is in place before, during and after relocation and during subsequent transfers as well.

Household Good Transit and Storage Insurance (Relocover)

Provides the most comprehensive replacement cost insurance and claims service for employee household goods and personal effects in transit and/or storage domestically and internationally.

Expatriate Personal Insurance (Executives Abroad)

Provides Property Insurance for employee household goods and personal effects while in residence abroad, along with Personal Liability coverage. English language policy, terms and conditions. This program is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

For an analysis of your Relocation Risk Management Program, click here to e-mail us UNICOVER@UNIRISC.COM  or contact our Brokerage Services Group at 800-424-9500 or 703-797-3300.

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Corporate Programs
Household Good Transit Coverage - Relocover
Executives Abroad
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Executives Abroad

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